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My Sand Trap or Yours? A collection of Golf Poems, Essays & Tips
by Richard Cactus Pryor
“Playing golf with Cactus Pryor may not lower your handicap, but the conversation will raise your IQ. Reading the poems and reflections of this remarkable man puts a smile on your face as Cactus reminds us of the vagaries of the game. I didn’t even know what vagaries meant until I watched Cactus putting!”

- Bud Shrake coauthor Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book

“I read this with a smile on my face and joy in my heart for the life Cactus has lived and for the pleasure and wisdom his work, on so many fronts, contributes to so many of us.”

- Bill Moyers, responsible thinker and journalist

“My friend Cactus is always funny and no matter what the subject, he always makes me laugh. This book is sure to make you laugh too!”

- Darrell Royal, University of Texas football coach

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